My Strength, Not Your Strength

Happy New Year (You) Brilliance-

We hope this year brings you into perfect alignment with your “Truest Self.”

Couture Purpose intentionally brings you all things authentic. What we will not do is bombard you with too many posts and comments. Our brand is designed to make statements that will assist you with aligning with your purposes and destinies. We understand the depth of our messages; therefore we have elected not to visit your inbox daily.

We’re sure many of you planned to end 2012 strong. Many of us planned to change this and get that. But Brilliance, what many of us forgot to do is define “Strong.” The definition for strong for one individual is different for others.

Now that much of the hype and noise at the beginning of the year is simmering down. Brilliance it’s time for YOU to define YOUR “Strong.” Alright, now stop reading, take a deep breath and EXHALE.

As you release your breath…envision everything you want YOUR 2013 to manifest. We encourage you to repeat the aforementioned exercise and take one week and define YOUR “Strong.”


Designed Statement: My strength is rooted in hope.

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