Come What “May…”

Hello Brilliance,

Let me first start out by thanking each and everyone of you who took the time to share prayers, well wishes, and condolences for the passing of my mother. My mother was a gem among stones. And in future postings, I am going to share some of her timeless wisdom, which has catapulted me into my current space.

I am purposely, giving myself space, to reflect on my mother, our relationship and the dreams we manifested. I’m also allowing the natural process of healing into my world. And you know what Brilliance it feels great!

At Couture Purpose we strive to create life shifting content. We are not interested in glorifying hurt or pain. In other words, this space is not going to be a catalyst for gossip of celebrities and the perpetuation of another human’s shame and embarrassment. What we have decided, since this is the month of May, the beginning of wedding season; is to talk about Relationships. I receive numerous questions on men, marriage and relationships. And I want to take this space and attempt to provide some healthy alternatives to the “Soul Junk Food” which is currently feeding our society.

Brilliance, the next post will be Why is She Married and not ME? This post will delve into the energy of misplaced competition among women and how it blocks relationships from manifesting.

Until we virtually meet again. Remember to embrace “Obtainable Goals” and release all unproductive relationships.


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