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    The Interview: His Side of Marriage

    Brilliance- It was beyond fun to talk about marriage and to witness your reactions to our various posts pertaining to marriage. For the last installment of our marriage series, we elected to interview a husband who values the institution of marriage. There’s no better way to hear about marriage than from a devoted husband! Enjoy the interview… Do successful women intimidate men? I believe that strong, aggressive, ambitious people intimidate weak, passive, lackadaisical people regardless of sex. Personally successful women do not intimidate me but many men feel their identities defined by what they do and how much they earn. In my mind it takes a strong women to walk with…

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    Rejected and Married-by-Guest Blogger-in-Residence-Dr. Tina Bedell

    The popular girls at school didn’t want to eat with you in the cafeteria because you weren’t part of the “in” crowd. REJECTION! You didn’t make the cheerleading team because you weren’t skinny enough. REJECTION! You get the letter that reads, “Thank you for applying to our university, but after careful consideration we regret to inform you….” (Yea right). REJECTION! You are told, “We will keep your application on file” after you find out you weren’t chosen for the job you wanted. REJECTION! Your mother has a favorite, but you are not it. REJECTION! You receive a breakup text. REJECTION!  And the list goes on and on…..I think you get…

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    YOU are LOVED

    Hey Brilliance- I hope you have begun the process of rePURPOSING YOUR gifts. Question…when was the last time you listened to a “TRUE” love song? Not the garbage we hear today in radio rotation. I am talking about a song when you could hear LOVEEEEEE serenading in the background. I want to encourage each one of you, desiring to be married—keep YOUR marriage DREAMS ALIVE.

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    Why is She Married and not ME?

    Brilliance, I hope you are in an embracing space of healing. On the day after Mother’s Day many of you are recovering from the onslaught of “Women Questions.” Why you’re not married? What happened to what’s his name? Did you talk to the man at church? Don’t you want to have kids? In my singleness, I was often asked these questions. As much as I responded with I want to build businesses for my lineages. I am completing grad school or whatever else my soul decided to release, it never satisfied the sabotaging hunger of the one questioning me. The key I was given and I want to bless you…

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    Why Are We “Still Standing?”

    Brilliance, I hope you had a fabulous week! My husband and I attended an advance screening of Still Standing a film produced by Ronnie & Lamar Tyler, the founders and creators of BlackandMarriedwithKids.com. First of all any time I get an opportunity to enhance and empower my marriage I seize it! Also, I see my husband as the smartest and finest man in the world, and I just like to be in his presence. So the viewing of Still Standing was a great opportunity for our mid-week date night. It was a pleasure to be in the company of so many people wanting to equipped their relationships and families. I…