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    Rejected and Married-by-Guest Blogger-in-Residence-Dr. Tina Bedell

    The popular girls at school didn’t want to eat with you in the cafeteria because you weren’t part of the “in” crowd. REJECTION! You didn’t make the cheerleading team because you weren’t skinny enough. REJECTION! You get the letter that reads, “Thank you for applying to our university, but after careful consideration we regret to inform you….” (Yea right). REJECTION! You are told, “We will keep your application on file” after you find out you weren’t chosen for the job you wanted. REJECTION! Your mother has a favorite, but you are not it. REJECTION! You receive a breakup text. REJECTION!  And the list goes on and on…..I think you get…

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    Hey Brilliance- How are you directing life? Have you manifested your dreams? It’s been a while, but you already know, Couture Purpose releases posts when we sense the need to affirm and confirm to you—YOUR Brilliance is needed to advance the common good. The current climate around the globe may seem tumultuous. Many of us discern the shakings in the atmospheres we occupy, and life is requesting we lead in love or fear. Our questions to you are “Whose report will you believe?” “Whose voice are you listening?” “Does the “Voice” you hear reflect love, hope, peace and wealth?” We want to energize you to—take the time and develop and…

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    You Are First…Go Lead!!!

    Hey Brilliance- What have you been up to? Hopefully manifesting a dream, which will positively change the life experience for mankind. Often times we seek mentors, counselors, teachers to assist us along our journeys. But, what happens when the teacher has not or never appeared? What happens when you discover YOU are the teacher? Many of us are being called into “First” position. Even though society has evolved over the years—women are still being told WHAT THEY CAN NOT DO! When you research the deficit of female CEOs, pastors, business owners etc.…there is an overwhelming amount of evidence you Brilliance maybe called to be “First.” In viewing the interview with…

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    YOU are LOVED

    Hey Brilliance- I hope you have begun the process of rePURPOSING YOUR gifts. Question…when was the last time you listened to a “TRUE” love song? Not the garbage we hear today in radio rotation. I am talking about a song when you could hear LOVEEEEEE serenading in the background. I want to encourage each one of you, desiring to be married—keep YOUR marriage DREAMS ALIVE.

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    RePURPOSE the “GIFT”

    Hello Brilliance- It’s been a while…I hope since our last chat you proclaimed what YOU REALLY want. How are you feeling? I mean how are you really feeling? If you are like, so many of us during this time of the year, you are more than likely revisiting your 2012 goals and sensing some of your goals are unachievable. It’s not your fault you are brilliant and your master plan is taking a little longer than initially forecasted. In our professional opinion…SO WHAT, STOP WORRYING! (This professional opinion is back by three academic degrees and one professional license…hehe). Brilliance, instead of falling into a deep depression and ruining your “Pretty.”…

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    Brilliance, I hope you are in a space of FREEDOM! I was speaking with someone the other day and she said. “… I feel like I have lost my voice.” My advice to her was, SCREAM until you hear yourself.   Brilliance, I suspect many of you feel suffocation in your souls.  In a world, which intentionally promotes voiceless women, I urge you to SCREAM!!! Hadassah (Queen Esther) confirmed,  a female voice, occupied by G-d, inspired by hope, could save a generation. And just in case you need a refresher on how to SCREAM. We SCREAM by faithfully walking with Abba Father, unapologetically loving ourselves, completing our academic degrees, surrounding…