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    YOU are LOVED

    Hey Brilliance- I hope you have begun the process of rePURPOSING YOUR gifts. Question…when was the last time you listened to a “TRUE” love song? Not the garbage we hear today in radio rotation. I am talking about a song when you could hear LOVEEEEEE serenading in the background. I want to encourage each one of you, desiring to be married—keep YOUR marriage DREAMS ALIVE.

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    Brilliance, I hope you are in a space of FREEDOM! I was speaking with someone the other day and she said. “… I feel like I have lost my voice.” My advice to her was, SCREAM until you hear yourself.   Brilliance, I suspect many of you feel suffocation in your souls.  In a world, which intentionally promotes voiceless women, I urge you to SCREAM!!! Hadassah (Queen Esther) confirmed,  a female voice, occupied by G-d, inspired by hope, could save a generation. And just in case you need a refresher on how to SCREAM. We SCREAM by faithfully walking with Abba Father, unapologetically loving ourselves, completing our academic degrees, surrounding…