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    Success is A Personal Pronoun by February 2015 Blogger-in-Residence-Monica Leak

      Think back to first-grade language arts when you were formally introduced to the parts of speech. There were nouns, verbs, direct objects, adjectives and prepositions and these things called pronouns. Pronouns indicate the person speaking or the person spoken about. Remember the chart with the singular and plural sides and starting on the singular side you had I, You, He, She, It and then on the Plural side we, you, they. These personal pronouns can take the place of nouns or other pronouns. Flashback to Saturday mornings and Schoolhouse rock and maybe the link below will jog your memory. So what’s that got to do with success? For many…

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    Happy re-STORED You Brilliance- Instead of bombarding you with do this in 2015, do that in 2015 blah blah blah. Couture Purpose encourages you to consider these 15 AFFIRMations for a re-STORED YOU.   2015 Affirmations   I am God’s answer to universal questions. I am hope for my generation. I am always loved, supported and valued. I am a continuous learner, creative thinker and agent of change. I am the epitome of beauty. I am vision proceeding movement. I accept… Debts leave me now. All my emotions are free. I constantly express myself. I constantly experience quantum leaps. The universe guards and enables my destiny and purpose. I clearly…

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    Re: Question?

    Good Day Brilliance- Question [to ponder]: Is the REAL YOU emerging? Designed Statement: The UNIVERSE expects me to operate at the highest vibration of MYSELF.           photo credit: photodropper

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    Re: Focus

    Brilliance- There are 13 days left in 2013, this is the time to slow your pace, settle your spirit and review your DREAMS. Remember to CENTER & FOCUS YOUR heart’s intentions! Designed Statement: What I DESIRE, DESIRES me…    

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    Hey Brilliance- The seasons are changing and so are WE!!! With the culmination of Fashion Week 2013, (did you know Emerald is Pantone’s color of the year for 2013? FAB!!!!) we at Couture Purpose were reminded of the need to wear the garments designed for us. As more and more people watch reality t.v. we are witnessing individuals deciding who THEY are, is not good enough and wanting to be someone else. Couture Purpose was conceived with the concept—we are EACH given a design to wear (purpose and destiny) and to wear a look alike (imitate others) is a fashion faux pas! THIS DAY we come to REMIND YOU the…

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    Hey Brilliance- How are you? Are you feeling abundance or are you contending with lack. Wherever you CURRENTLY, find YOURSELF. Repeat right now…I AM NOT ALONE AND THE UNIVERSE IS WORKING ON MY BEHALF! For the last several weeks, we have participated in seminars, webinars, and workshops—designed for female entrepreneurs. Couture Purpose is intentionally positioning ourselves to catch the next waves, movements and moments in social entrepreneurship. We keep noticing one thing…WOMEN DO NOT ASK ENOUGH QUESTIONS!!! Sorry for yelling but we want to get your attention ;>). After reviewing some women’s studies research articles, we are gleaning some understanding in respect to why women do not ask questions. Often…

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    RePURPOSE the “GIFT”

    Hello Brilliance- It’s been a while…I hope since our last chat you proclaimed what YOU REALLY want. How are you feeling? I mean how are you really feeling? If you are like, so many of us during this time of the year, you are more than likely revisiting your 2012 goals and sensing some of your goals are unachievable. It’s not your fault you are brilliant and your master plan is taking a little longer than initially forecasted. In our professional opinion…SO WHAT, STOP WORRYING! (This professional opinion is back by three academic degrees and one professional license…hehe). Brilliance, instead of falling into a deep depression and ruining your “Pretty.”…