Mogul’s Minutes

Creatives, Dreamers, Social Entrepreneurs you are not alone. We at Couture Purpose understand the energy, diligence, time, resources, and effort it takes to manifest a vision.  Our heart–based trained consultants have over 20 years of experience spanning various industries, and they come equipped ready to write the vision and make it plain.

We consult in the following areas:

Affinity Program Development

Instructional Design

Branding and Image

Consulting Personal & Professional Strategy

Product Management

Conference Presentations

Organizational Leadership & Development

Digital Strategy

Vision Collaboration and Manifestation

Virtual and On-site Event Planning and Execution

Women’s Business and Leadership

Whether it’s for your personal or professional endeavors allow one of our consultants the opportunity to assist you in “Defining Your Statements.”

Contact us today at and let’s start making “Statements.”


“I’ve personally known Antoinette Robinson for almost twenty years.  She’s always been one of my most valued sister-connection and friend so I had no doubt that the coaching sessions would be beneficial.  Antoinette exceeded my expectations!  My coaching sessions with her were not only profound but also professional, private, productive and personally designed for me.  I appreciated the time she spent preparing for my sessions and I could tell she was committed to provide me with the best coaching experience possible. She absolutely delivered! I highly recommend her services.”

J. C. Brown

“Engaging Trainer, Creative Instructional Designer, Progressive Facilitator, and Motivational Speaker Antoinette is an amazing speaker and intuitive coach. I was able to secure Antoinette’s assistance in co-facilitating my visionary event – the Center Stage Casting Call for professionals and visionaries committed to standing front and center. Antoinette was able to take my event plan and incorporate her unique stamp while maintaining the integrity of the event objectives. During the Center Stage Casting Call, participants were awakened by her ability to speak directly to their core values, strengths, and challenges. Mrs. Robinson not only gained their permission to tap into their guarded concerns but was able to guide participants to a different, more liberating solution. Whether you are a senior level official or an individual seeking answers, Antoinette is a powerful businesswoman and dynamic presenter who understands and speaks from the core to facilitate outcomes and changes that positively impact your life/business.”

Alicia Randolph
Center Stage Casting Call-Dream Casting Solutions

“I am a recipient of the consultation and intuitive expertise God placed in His prophet, Antoinette. This woman of God encouraged and pushed me to move out of my comfort zone in several areas of my life. Her accuracy in the spirit is evidence of the time spent in the presence of the Father. I have found Antoinette to be a walking resource book that has an uncanny ability to connect individuals to the right people, places, and situations. The world has yet to see the best of Antoinette and I’m excited about the heights she will reach in both the natural and spiritual realms. I thank God for my sister and all God has in store for her.”

Tina Bedell, PhD, LMFT, BCC
Esther Ministries

“She is graced with a commanding presence. Empowered with a brilliant mind. Endowed with a level of grace for the moment. She is Antoinette Robinson. I had the honor and privilege of having this dynamic woman at my annual “Uniquely You Women’s Conference.” She led the opening session with power and accuracy. She was ever so attentive to her audience, captivating their attention, yet teaching thoroughly on her subject at hand. She is a consummate professional and a sheer joy to work with. Her presence at my event made all the difference in the world. Not content to rest on her laurels, she is always accomplishing the next feat and walking down the path of dreams come true.”I highly recommend her and her services to you and your company or organization.

Alexis Alexander
Chief Creative Officer at WCA Alexander Enterprises, LLC

“I have worked with Antoinette Robinson for over ten years on several diverse projects. From organizing a women’s conference to literary events, to motivational youth events Antoinette was a key presence in strategy, marketing, and planning. If it were not for her seeing the big picture and the motive of the purpose to guide our team our events would have not been the success that it was. Antoinette’s inner GPS system of knowing when to strategically move in the various areas of planning the event was a major gift to the organization. Her focus is always sharp and she effectively communicates that to the team to keep everyone’s vision aligned. I highly recommend Antoinette to lead and/or be a part of the team to ensure that the motive of the event is never tainted and the vision is seen to its completion.”

Lana M. Hooks, Chief Editor
PharSide Coed Book Club, Inc.

“I cannot think of Antoinette Robinson without simultaneously giggling about the humourous workings of the Universe.  I met her years ago thinking that our “purposed” connection was for her to assist me with the business venture that I was engaged in at the time.  Many years later, I now understand that God was sending a secret ambassador into my life who would support me and grow me in ways that I had not imagined.

If I had to craft a singular phrase to describe Antoinette’s role in my life, it would be “divine catalyst”.  With every single interaction — whether in person, by phone, via email — whatever the means, when I engage with Antoinette, something shifts or changes for the better in my world.  And that sort of blows my mind.

Antoinette elevates me by exposing me to a plethora of opportunities, information and different ways of seeing the world. And she does it with a wisdom, grace, and beauty that seem effortless on her part.

I have deemed Antoinette a global changemaker because that’s the level of insight, power, and prowess that she possesses.  I am beyond grateful that God saw fit to connect me with this amazing vessel.  She knows that whatever I am up to in the world, spiritually I absolutely must have her right by my side.”

Monica Moody
Founder, Love Works @ Work

“Antoinette Robinson is a dynamic business leader.  Her knowledge and insight are evident in the organization and detailed content of every proposal. Her style of presentation is interactive and thought-provoking, encouraging corporate executives, consultants, and liaisons to be self-reflective and forward thinking.  I have had the privilege to consult with Mrs. Robinson and have her services for several conferences and I have been pleased with the level of integrity and excellence that she has brought to each presentation.”

Monica Leak, M.A. CCC-SLP. M.L.S.
Speech Pathologist, Charles County Public Schools
Head Librarian, John Leland Center for Theological Studies, Arlington, VA