Designed Prayers


Abba, this day we send back to the deliver ALL emotional, spiritual, financial, mental, and physical prisons being projected to us. We decree and declare whom the Son sets free, is free indeed. Release us out of the judgments and obligations of man. Obligation has no place in our spaces and we renounce and denounce this energy. You alone have ordered our steps and our steps are not open for negotiations.

This day, we thank you for the increase in our discernment to recognize “Projection” of negative energies towards our spheres and us. There is no apology needed for the favor You have graced our lives. We thank you for the “Changing of Guards” in our lives. EL ROI we bless you for aligning people with our lives who are “OCCUPIED” with their purposes and destinies and too busy to take inventory of our blessings. You have decreed relationships that are mutual beneficial, fulfilling, fun, intelligent, loving, hopeful and competent. We command these prayers into the hands of Jesus Christ, Amen!

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