You Are First…Go Lead!!!

Hey Brilliance-

What have you been up to? Hopefully manifesting a dream, which will positively change the life experience for mankind.

Often times we seek mentors, counselors, teachers to assist us along our journeys. But, what happens when the teacher has not or never appeared? What happens when you discover YOU are the teacher?Ida B Wells_Sepia

Many of us are being called into “First” position. Even though society has evolved over the years—women are still being told WHAT THEY CAN NOT DO! When you research the deficit of female CEOs, pastors, business owners etc.…there is an overwhelming amount of evidence you Brilliance maybe called to be “First.”

In viewing the interview with the current Miss Israel the First Miss Israel of color. I simply began to wonder how she feels? Does she have supportive spheres and what does Miss Israel plan on doing in First position?

The honor is great for Miss Israel, but she will have to carefully craft a blueprint for the women who will follow her reign.

Forerunner, YOU are faced right now with an opportunity to be First. This day, YOU will stop waiting on the next woman to complete YOUR life assignment. Take hold of YOUR CALL and run…DON’T LOOK BACK!

 Take Action:

  • Brilliance, take a moment this day and let the universe know you accept being First. Once you fully accept being First, watch the resources yield to you.


Soul Question:

What’s blocking you from being First?  Please share in the comment section below.


photo credit: NPGpics via photopin cc


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