Why is She Married and not ME?


I hope you are in an embracing space of healing.

On the day after Mother’s Day many of you are recovering from the onslaught of “Women Questions.” Why you’re not married? What happened to what’s his name? Did you talk to the man at church? Don’t you want to have kids? In my singleness, I was often asked these questions. As much as I responded with I want to build businesses for my lineages. I am completing grad school or whatever else my soul decided to release, it never satisfied the sabotaging hunger of the one questioning me.

The key I was given and I want to bless you with is CENTER YOURSELF for your MARRIAGE PLAN (sorry about the yelling, but I wanted to make sure you heard me, lol!) I centered myself and REALLY listen to G-d for my marriage plan. (Sidebar; many will try to tell you whom they think you should marry. Be courageous enough to state what you want and believe you can have it!) Many things were revealed to me. In this cyber girl chat let’s examine a few of those things…

One, she is married and not you because that’s the path her season followed and you never compare yourself to any other woman. You do not know the sacrifices another woman embraced to receive her promise. It is not about looks, weight, race, economic status, or education. It is about the alignment of you and the soulmate G-d has intended for you. Secondly, she is married and not you because you are in a season of preparation. Be bold and brave, and begin to seek what needs to be completed in your singleness. I knew I had to earn my MBA before I was married. Not only, did I complete my MBA, but I was aligned with my husband the same month after completion of my MBA. Thirdly, question what are you projecting out to society? As a sociology geek, I love social media. Social Media is a great sampling of the heart of society.

As I review my timelines, I see much retaliation, revenge, hurt, pain, guilt and sabotage being projected by women. I truly wonder what a man thinks when he reads some of the statuses? Ladies, I suggest rethinking what you release in society. Many men are savvy enough; to understand what you release on your timelines is what lies in your souls. Do not fall prey to the thinking “Men are oblivious…” Think about the man you want to align your life, connect DNA, and produce fruit. Is he blind, stupid or incompatible? Think chica…

Lastly, as girls we take on many of our mother’s worldviews. You have to know the genetic imprint, which lies within your DNA. Sisters, you do not have to be a scientist to get a good idea of what’s in your gene pool. Observe, NOT JUDGE the women in your family. Are they married, single, or divorce? Listen to their hearts in respect to marriage. Take time and go back to your initial dating season. What was your mother’s reactions to the guys you dated? You can glean much about your gene pool by simply listening and observing!!! Once you know your past be it good or bad, you can better predict your future.

Designed Statement:

Piousness is poison to promise…


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