Why Are We “Still Standing?”


I hope you had a fabulous week!

My husband and I attended an advance screening of Still Standing a film produced by Ronnie & Lamar Tyler, the founders and creators of First of all any time I get an opportunity to enhance and empower my marriage I seize it! Also, I see my husband as the smartest and finest man in the world, and I just like to be in his presence. So the viewing of Still Standing was a great opportunity for our mid-week date night.

It was a pleasure to be in the company of so many people wanting to equipped their relationships and families. I could sense the anticipation of the audience as the film’s creators introduced their project. The film is a perfect blend of love, hope, forgiveness, humor, and divine. Still Standing is a brilliantly prepared gumbo of “Soul.”

Why are WE Still Standing was the question which lingered in my spirit? What I gleaned from the film is, we are Still Standing because that which is higher than us, is positioning a movement of LOVE as the antidote to the present hate we witness daily.

Brilliance, if you are ready to shift to another level in your thoughts towards men, women, marriage and multicultural relationships, don’t hesitate, pickup your copy of Still Standing today!


  • Ronnie_BMW

    It was nice to finally meet you in person. Thanks for coming out last night and for all of your support!!! I love your description of why your marriage is still standing!!

    • Couture Purpose

      Ronnie, thank you kindly, it was great to meet our digital family! We gleaned much from the film and will be adding some of the advice to our “Marriage, Best Practices.”

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