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Where is my WIFE?

Hello Brilliance,

I hope this season is lighter for you and much more effective!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend my husband’s best friends’ wedding. Weddings are an interesting experience because of the spiritual dynamics of the occasion. Even though the West has chosen to make a miracle working occasion a billion dollar industry does not mean weddings are less effective in manifesting G-d’s intended plan.

Many of you may have gathered via my postings I am very discerning of my atmospheres. I peep chicks that try to figure out if my hair is a weave, how close the bound between my husband and I, as well as if I am a threat (do you speak female, we have language without opening our mouths, hehe)…walk with me I am about to break this down.

The media has done a superb job at creating fear among women of color. From the infamous realty fake fights, to the friendenemy relationships, as well as the other projections of pseudo XX based- relationships. Kudos “Media” you deserve applause for destroying the souls of millions. Now let’s press play…


Ladies there are MILLIONS of men around the globe searching for their WIVES. Within the course of the last several months I have had gobs of men inquire, “Where is my wife…?” I take the inquiries seriously and try my best to allow G-d the space to speak through me to these determined men.  I find difficulty in connecting what the men reveal they are looking for in their wives, to my female circles. In many of my tribal meetings (outings with the girls) I hear, I don’t cook, He has to be paid, He needs to have at least two degrees, No kids and blah, blah, blah! Let’s keep walking…as much as I love my female spheres, I really do not know what many of them want in a husband. Jesus is taken, Boaz is with Ruth and Tyrone is on the phone. LADIES WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT?

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Are you still there? Good, let’s keep walking. Ladies, I want to encourage you to pray, get in alignment with your “Higher Self” and werkkkkk (intended spelling, hehe) your “Essence.” You are fearful and wonderfully made in G-d’s image. You are not an afterthought, but you my sister are a well-crafted masterpiece. Remind yourself this day, I WILL HAVE THE HUSBAND (you have permission to yell ) G-d ordained for me to receive!



Three things I want you to do this week:

  1. Laugh more…
  2. Learn more…
  3. Lastly, take your stilettos, stomp the dung out of your preconceived notions and socially engineered biological clocks…. and WEEEERRKKKKK your ESSENCE!

Designed Statement: I am a divinely crafted masterpiece.

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