Unapologetic Wealth

As a teenager entering the workforce, I heard, Don’t end your day without paying yourself from a gentle soul who was a business mastermind. This gentle soul talked to me for two hours regarding paying myself and being an entrepreneur. As I recall watching this man work in the community many discarded him because he was unassuming and quiet. Little did people know he was one of the first millionaires in his city. From that moment forward I learned any time greatness walks in the room, I need to position myself front and center, taking notes, and counting myself blessed in the presence of greatness.


The aforementioned moment is just one example of the countless dreamers and entrepreneurs I have encountered on my journey to becoming a social entrepreneur. Even though social entrepreneurship is a hot topic, the concept of using business to assist with society’s  needs is not a new concept. I know countless entrepreneurs who funded bloodline dreams and community campaigns with their entrepreneurial endeavors. Brilliance, did you know the class we represent in 2014 created $1.4 trillion in sales? Yes, ma’am, you read correctly TRILLION.

We know as women we are often given stories not befitting our true brilliance, nevertheless beautiful soul this is our time to create our stories and write checks funding the next dreams of women leaders.


Our question to YOU is “Are you paying yourself?” Not in shoes, bags, makeup (yes we lovveeee those things as well). But are you investing in the future YOU?




Couture Purpose decided to go with the theme of Minding Our Business: Focus on Business, Focus on Growth for July 2015 because more minority women need to get into the business arena. Yes, there is an increase in the number of women of color in business but we are just a small percentage of the overall business demographics. Think about it, it is over 7 billion people in the world. What idea, plan, dream, invention do you have that can serve the world and create a wealth legacy for you and your spheres?



Brilliance if you are hesitant about starting and flourishing in business. Know we are not alone there many organizations who know how to assist us with our entrepreneurial goals. Remember, Couture Purpose is more than willing to assist you with making statements by manifesting your brilliance in the world.



Response requires Actions:

 Write down one thing you like to buy.

  1. In ten words or less explain why you like to buy that item (i.e. this item makes me feel… I like the company; I am able to…with this item).
  2. Write down in one paragraph how you would improve the item (For example I would lower the price, have more vendors sell the item etc…).
  3. Guess what you just created a product…now go SELL IT!


Designed Statement: I AM ABUNDANCE

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