The Decision


Shh…let’s center ourselves and drown out the chaotic echoes of our souls. Yes there is an agenda, yes there is a to do list, yes people are counting on you. But, Brilliance you also have a “Decision” to make.

We are in the second quarter of 2012 and we have purpose and destiny decisions to make. Within the last seconds, minutes, days, and months we have witnessed loved ones transition from earth to their final places of eternity. We are birth to die, and the times in between are “Life Lessons.” Brilliance you have a decision to make; how much longer will you not live an optimal life? When will you take the plunge and release hate and resentment? Brilliance, the ego convinced us the pain is real, but the pain is only the ego’s rebuttal to being rejected by Divinity. Brilliance, when will you make the decision to forgive yourself? Right NOW, inhale life and exhale fear, doubt, disbelief, hurt, and pain.

Brilliance, we have decisions to make. In order to make our “Decisions”, we must first silence and center our spirits, move pass the pain in our souls, and allow G-d the opportunity to present ALL the facts, before we make our decisions.

G-d is allowing this temporary moment of “Pondering” so that we may know His grace and mercy. For far too long we have carried the burden of “Perfectionism.” Today, Brilliance a message is being sent, make “The Decision” to live life more abundantly!!!

 Designed Statement:

I choose not to listen to the echoes of my ego.  




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