The Battle between Rejection and Prosperity-Guest Blogger-in-Residence-Lana Hooks



The title declares there is a combat; an attack, one entity against the other. I call Rejection, Prosperity and two more you’ll meet entities. This is why they are italicized. By their definition these are energies that once believed fulfills its intent, motive and desire of the living vessel. Prosperity by definition is, “a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects.”1 Whereas Rejection states, “this is an active refusal to respond to a child’s/ (adult’s) [my input] needs (e.g., refusing to touch a child, denying the needs of a child, ridiculing a child).”2


Prosperity includes excellent of health (mind, body, emotions), successful business (self-employed, or care and growth of opportunities at workplace), thriving relationships (family, extended family, friends, colleagues, peers) and spiritual enlightenment (growth in your relationship with the Creator and self). Each of these facets calls an abundance of creativity, currency, and like-minded people in your neurological topography, funding interchange, and geographical space. In fact, isn’t this is the end game? But what is the blockage from receiving these core structures?




As children you are taught values and beliefs by external conditioning. Parents, caregivers, stewards, or those in authority and position teach you what they believe as their truth. Blindly, at times, passing down their truths without thinking did this belief work for them? Most times not, but what was good for them is good for you, their child. Right?

How many of you were told that “money doesn’t grow on trees?” Time after time you asked for money and they said, “I don’t have it,” or, “Money is the root of all evil,” which was inaccurate. The biblical verse states, “For the LOVE of money is A root of all evil…”3 You eventually stopped asking. Your brain’s interpretation of these statements was, “I am not worthy to have my needs and wants met. I don’t deserve to have money in my life because my family didn’t have money either.” Not only is there a lack in money but health, relationships, business and employment as well. The brain does not discern one dynamic from the other. It operates off of the belief that you’re unworthy and undeserving. This is Rejection’s verbiage coinciding with your belief system.

If not uprooted and sent new messages through the neurons (that can grow new cells) out of the hippocampus, as adults, you will operate in these old messages of familial beliefs. If that is so, then operating in Rejection’s beliefs will continue until there is Divine intervention. This intervention will be severe, needed, and at some point, you asked for it (and no, you won’t know how the intervention will dress itself), but it will take center stage. It will shockingly awaken you from a self-induced slumber that protected your soul from further feeling the pain of Lack. Enter Awareness.

Dressed to the nine’s, she stands on the stage of your brain, in your harrowing situation to deliver the Creator’s original record of your creation. Defying the conditions of your life she recites your authentic nature, your inherent wealth, and your divine birthright. She knows she has your attention. What she is saying resonates in your soul, and you know you have a choice to make.



Sen, author of “What is Awareness?”basically awareness is this power of pure observation. Thoughts create interpretations, feelings create emotions and events are again created by thoughts in the mind – all of this can be observed in pure awareness.”4

Sen, also states that, “…in that sense the awareness of your brain is connected with the awareness of the wholeness of life-energy, this is how you connect with wisdom, instinct, intuition and inner-guidance. The stronger the awareness in your brain the more receptive you are to the intelligence of life, because when your brain is more aware it connects more firmly with the awareness of the wholeness of life.”5

I know your goal, as mine, is to enjoy Prosperity’s riches in the aforementioned above areas. Then Awareness must be awakened to connect you back to the ‘Wholeness of Life.’ This doesn’t mean that harsh circumstances won’t still occur from time to time. But with Awareness at the forefront you can maneuver through situations with eyes wide open, learning what needs to be learned and to grow from the experience. Awareness is the key that ceases Rejection’s voice and plants your foot one step closer to your unique, defined Prosperity.


Lana M. Hooks is the Chief Editor of PharSide Coed Book Club that advises #emergingauthors in removing the apprehension in writing their story. This editing group walks with the author ensuring their voice is heightened and content is written to engage their tribe. Memoirs, inspirational, and transformational stories are by and large this group’s forte. With several new authors under their belt PharSide recognizes that these voices and their stories are the blueprint for those who choose to listen and heed.

Lana is a first-time author of Dirty Breath: Trapped by Rejection, a #memoir. She’s a speaker and advocate for #EmotionalAbuseAwareness. Most recently Lana accepted a board appointment to N.E.X.T. Level Empowerment Group a Kentucky based group to empower women to be transformed to the next level in their lives.

After researching the devastating tolls of emotional abuse, Lana saw it advantageous to include workbooks with the memoir. The workbooks are intended to expose and extract wounds infiltrated in the soul.  In the workbooks, Lana breaks down how soul wounds are healed and how one may experience restored thinking, behavior and, live in their #authentic nature. It is Lana’s strong desire that no child is left with an emotional legacy like the entity “Rejection”, or others, without a blueprint left for them to navigate out of Rejection’s lair and their #awareness awakened.

Lana is available to speak at book clubs, women’s groups, spiritual gatherings or panels on Emotional Abuse Awareness. You can visit her website and subscribe to bi-weekly blogs on Emotional Abuse and inspirational quotes. Visit and get your copy of Dirty Breath: Trapped by Rejection.

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