Take It From The Top…

Hello Brilliance,

How are you coming along manifesting your dreams?

For the last several months I have embarked on enhancing my physical fitness. I truly think there is a link between the soul, spirit, mind and body. Since I have danced in secular and sacred spaces, I have chosen to go back to my first love DANCE, as my choice form of exercise.Black Dancers-10088521

There is a particular term in dance, that many prima donnas are familiar, it’s “TAKE IT FROM THE TOP.” If you have ever had the opportunity to learn a new routine, practice for a show, or just learn a new dance, so you would not look odd on the dance floor. You know exactly what “Take it from the top” means. It means start over and do the same thing you just did and DO IT BETTER. Often times in life we are required to “TAKE IT FROM THE TOP.” From a relationship breakup, to a new marketplace opportunity, or a loved one passing, life will request us to “TAKE IT FROM THE TOP.” In life, just like in dance, if you are not physically conditioned to endure the demands of a new piece from a genius choreographer (G-d), you will not possess the stamina to complete the body of work (purpose and destiny). Brilliance, we have to condition our souls by prayer, fasting, pure and loving spheres and education for the “Big Show” otherwise known as life.   Stage-100277849

When we reflect, life and dance are parallel. You may have instructors (leaders, mentors) to come along and show you the moves. But you alone are responsible for mastering the right moves. However, as much as we want to be synchronized and syncopated with the rest of the “Dancers” (friends, family, co-workers)  we may loose are footing, spot, rhythm as well as balance due to life’s unpredictable turns. The question is do we stop or keep dancing (living, loving, evolving)?

Brilliance, in this season, many of us are overwhelmed by the shifts in our lives. I encourage you to practice your routine (pray, read, fast), build up your stamina and keep dancing (living, loving, evolving).



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I embrace my own rhythm (path, energy, essence)…


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