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I hope you are in a space of FREEDOM!

I was speaking with someone the other day and she said. “… I feel like I have lost my voice.” My advice to her was, SCREAM until you hear yourself.


Brilliance, I suspect many of you feel suffocation in your souls.  In a world, which intentionally promotes voiceless women, I urge you to SCREAM!!! Hadassah (Queen Esther) confirmed,  a female voice, occupied by G-d, inspired by hope, could save a generation.

And just in case you need a refresher on how to SCREAM. We SCREAM by faithfully walking with Abba Father, unapologetically loving ourselves, completing our academic degrees, surrounding ourselves with effective and healthy spears, getting married and rearing children in our due seasons, starting our dream businesses, and purchasing those stilettos when they go on sale…(ladies, now you all know, this is a Couture Purpose post…hehe!!!)

Divine Statement:

My divine voice is ready to be heard…





photo credits: MorgueFile, Precious Oils Up On the Hill

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