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Hello Brilliance-

It’s been a while…I hope since our last chat you proclaimed what YOU REALLY want.

How are you feeling? I mean how are you really feeling?

If you are like, so many of us during this time of the year, you are more than likely revisiting your 2012 goals and sensing some of your goals are unachievable. It’s not your fault you are brilliant and your master plan is taking a little longer than initially forecasted.

In our professional opinion…SO WHAT, STOP WORRYING! (This professional opinion is back by three academic degrees and one professional license…hehe).

Brilliance, instead of falling into a deep depression and ruining your “Pretty.”

Consider rePURPOSING your gift. We often hear this term used by fashionistas and design gurus. But, have YOU ever thought about EXPLORING different spaces where you can use your intrinsic gifts—as a means to achieve your goals?

Example—you currently work as an administrative assistant and you are fab at your job but you LOVE COOKING. Have YOU ever considered producing a food show on YouTube? With your administrative talents, more than likely you are use to interacting with people and nine times out of ten you are pretty good at organizing.

The point to rePURPOSING YOUR gifts is NOT getting STUCK in the box of “THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE.”

The more creative YOU are with YOUR GIFTS, the more blessings the universe will yield to YOU.

Designed Statement:

I seek multiple paths to my divine purpose.




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