Re: When We Know…We Say No-#NowWeNo

Good Day Brilliance-

We hope you are flowing in your “optimum” self.

Pondering how Couture Purpose can celebrate and support #


The following video is for the #NowWeNo Campaign. This campaign is designed to inform women about their sanitary products. Ladies, when we know better…we do better. We know when to say “NO” to chemicals, dioxin, and bleach. 


YOU are not alone! No matter where you may be in your goals and visions. The Couture Purpose community supports you and your dreams. REMEMBER, YOU are evolving into the best and highest YOU.

Take Action:

1. Forward this message to three women.

2. Contact us at for further information.



How may we promote your greatness? Please keep us abreast on what you and your organizations are doing. And how the Couture Purpose community may assist you with furthering your dreams.

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