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Happy re-STORED You Brilliance-

Instead of bombarding you with do this in 2015, do that in 2015 blah blah blah. Couture Purpose encourages you to consider these 15 AFFIRMations for a re-STORED YOU.



2015 Affirmations


  1. I am God’s answer to universal questions.
  2. I am hope for my generation.
  3. I am always loved, supported and valued.
  4. I am a continuous learner, creative thinker and agent of change.
  5. I am the epitome of beauty.
  6. I am vision proceeding movement.
  7. I accept…
  8. Debts leave me now.
  9. All my emotions are free.
  10. I constantly express myself.
  11. I constantly experience quantum leaps.
  12. The universe guards and enables my destiny and purpose.
  13. I clearly express my mind, spirit and soul.
  14. The next generation will benefit from my boldness, courage and intelligence.
  15. Money is a constant current which flows to me.


Designed Statement:

I am re-STORED