Hey Brilliance-

How are you? Are you feeling abundance or are you contending with lack. Wherever you CURRENTLY, find YOURSELF. Repeat right now…I AM NOT ALONE AND THE UNIVERSE IS WORKING ON MY BEHALF!

For the last several weeks, we have participated in seminars, webinars, and workshops—designed for female entrepreneurs. Couture Purpose is intentionally positioning ourselves to catch the next waves, movements and moments in social entrepreneurship.

We keep noticing one thing…WOMEN DO NOT ASK ENOUGH QUESTIONS!!! Sorry for yelling but we want to get your attention ;>). After reviewing some women’s studies research articles, we are gleaning some understanding in respect to why women do not ask questions. Often times, we are told you can’t be pretty and smart; feed a man’s ego and play stupid; as well as our questions do not hold validity. Ladies, we also sympathize with the fact many of you were abused and your voices are stifled. Let’s not forget MILLIONS of women are beaten, raped, abused, victimized daily…and their only crime is being born FEMALE!

We are issuing our community a simple challenge. For your next meetings, projects, and dreams…list 5 questions you desire to have answered.

Take Action:

Sample Questions:

  • Who are the key decision makers? (Don’t waste time…)
  • What is my investment for this venture? (Respect your money)
  • How may I earn your business? (Servant Leaders lead from the heart)
  • Where should I send the contract? (ASK FOR THE BUSINESS)
  • Who is the economic buyer?  (KNOW WHO WILL PAY YOU $$$$$$$)


  • If you are married why did you tell me you are single? (Permission granted to throw shade)

We are excited about this challenge. Let us know how it’s going and if you need assistance.


Soul Question:

How often do you withhold from asking questions? Comment below…



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