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My Name Is ‘…’ And I Was Addicted To Success

Brilliant One!

How are you? 2019 is here and we are blessed!

It’s been some time since we posted on the Couture Purpose public platform. We limited our posts because we sensed our community headed towards exhaustion mode. Yes, you read correctly, like many of you; marketing campaigns, unproductive relationships, meetings, deadlines, metrics, and so many other things exhausted our souls.

As we took time to center ourselves and pray. We discovered an underlying root of success addiction. Beloved, we know our community, we are high achievers who have no problem getting things done. Consequentially, what are we trading for the ‘get things’ done attitude? Health? Sleep? Relationships? Peace? After careful analysis (we are still high potential beings so we will analyze) we now understand the adrenaline we sense when we achieve goals. That adrenaline can become addictive if we do not keep ourselves centered with Elohim. We also discovered delayed gratification is a blessing in disguise.

Guess what, if you have not achieved certain goals and deliverable dates you’ve set for yourself NO CONCERNS. Pray, center yourself, and divinely receive everything you need to ensure you are walking the earth as a complete and whole ‘being.’ 

Beloved, stay tuned for our upcoming web series and posts. We are more determined to feed souls as we advance mankind through divinely inspired business tools and techniques.

If you have not already done so, be sure to join our community.

∞Inviting Brilliance,

Couture Purpose


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