Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the FIERCEST of them all. YOU ARE BRILLIANCE… YOU ARE…

Brilliance, how are you feeling at this very moment? Not your rehearse feelings, but the true feelings which no one is privy.


In the last several weeks, I have prayed to have my mirrors manifest. Many of you may think- girl, go to Home Depot and get you some mirrors, stop being so deep, hehe. Brilliance, our mirrors are those who reflect the TRUE paths we are called to journey. Often times for various reasons, we align ourselves with “Fillers.” People who fill spaces in us, designed for someone else.

You will know your true mirrors by energy, space and time. Good energy is projected towards you from a true mirror (dream partners). They have no issue with sharing “Success Space” and a true mirror understands the value of the time you invest into their dreams as well as your dreams.

This week and for the rest of 2012, concentrate your efforts on manifesting your “True Mirrors.” Seek courage and release those who are not your “True Mirrors.”

 Now all together Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the FIERCEST  of them all. YOU ARE BRILLIANCE…YOU ARE…


Designed Statement:

I am a reflection of divine beauty and success…

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