“Losing Myself to Find Me”-February 2015 Blogger-in-Residence-Monica Leak

Hear My Call Lyrics (Verse 2)

“I am such a fool
How did I get here?
Played by all the rules
Then they changed
I am but a child to your vision
Standing in the cold and the rain
Lost here in the dark
I can’t see my foot to take a step,
What is happening?
Oh, this hurts so bad. I can hardly breathe.
I just want to leave so.” -Jill Scott

Being lost is not necessarily desirable. When you set out towards a destination being lost is not in the plan. You took all the right precautions. You prepared yourself the night before and ran through the checklist. Called the host or point of contact to confirm the logistics with the correct address and directions. May have used Google maps, MapQuest, Verizon navigator to enter the address so you can get a feel or familiarity with the planned route. Even left the house in plenty of time to factor in the possibility of getting lost allowing an extra twenty minutes or so but lost. Being lost for some can trigger that high level of panic and cause frustration. This frustration occurs as you think about what am I going to do or I’m going to be late, or the damn my is dead.

So what do you do when you lose yourself? Loss of self is not the same as losing your car keys, a major report or misplacing your cell phone. You can get a duplicate set of keys. You can recover your report. For a misplaced cell phone, well call the number and listen for the ring. When you lose yourself, it’s like all those pieces that made you uniquely you are scattered in fragments and so the effort to get back appears daunting. Like with the keys, the report and cell phone, you can be found and recovered. First, retrace your steps. Go back to the beginning. What was that one thing that motivated you to get up in the morning excited about what you were going to do the next day? What was it that inspired you and caused all the wheels in your head to turn with an idea after idea? What was that thing that even if you didn’t get paid for it you do it just because it made you happy? The process of retracing your steps is one of discovery. It allows for the connection of the nouns of life the people, the places and things to come together in memory to take shape and find a form in you. You that is introverted, dances, sings in the shower or keeps their feet to the ground is discovered in those steps. Check your surroundings. Your surroundings can be the difference between arriving at your destination or being in the middle of nowhere. Check for drop off and pick up points. There are some people, places and things that will be of value to you that you pick up. And those which you will need to drop off at the Goodwill because they will be of more value to someone else. Still there are those that just need to go to the trash bin so you dump that and keep it moving. It’s easy when you’re lost to just give up and go back home but that doesn’t get you to the destination. In retracing your steps and checking surroundings, the lost becomes found, and all that’s left is to continue the journey.

Enjoy the Journey…