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I Didn’t See You At Camp!!!


I hope you rested over the weekend because your purpose and destiny are ready to manifest!

Over the weekend my husband and I embraced a powerful opportunity. We attended ProductCampATL. Paul Young reflects, “ProductCamp is an unconference.  An unconference takes the old, stogy idea of a conference and turns it on its side.  Instead of corporations paying for boring keynote speakers talking and waving their hands, you have the participants in the conference leading all discussion sessions.  ProductCamp is a meritocracy, or perhaps a participatocracy – anyone can lead a session on any topic relevant to product management or marketing.”

I gleaned priceless knowledge and connected with some key thought leaders in the product management and marketing disciplines. I was so excited about attending, but I was concerned because I didn’t see you at ProductCampATL! Where were you? Ladies in order for us to represent ourselves as leaders in the areas we deem governed by hierarchical strongholds. We have to make a concerted effort to educate ourselves and receive innovative skills and ideas. Did I mentioned ProductCampATL is free and the tasty cupcakes?

One of sessions I really enjoyed was presented by Brandy Nagel “Digitally Famous.” Brandy discussed how to use social media to create a visibility campaign – for you, your project or your product. The session was very informative, interactive, and was packed with industry trade secrets and tools.

Brilliance, I am encouraging you for the rest of 2012 seek what is greater than you and embrace uncharted paths.

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