Fw: Resolve


Good Day Gems-

Are you centered? Are you focused? Are you aligned?

Just checking on you…

Since our last conversation Couture Purpose “decided” to deliberately set our intentions in flowing with “resolve.” Take a moment and ask yourself are you “flowing” with “resolve?”

Next week we will dig deeper into flowing with “resolve…”





with object settle or find a solution to (a problem or contentious matter)

  1. Medicine with object (a symptom or condition) to heal or subside.
  2. no object (of a symptom or condition) heal or subside.
  3. Music  (with reference to a discord) pass or cause to pass into a concord during the course of harmonic change.

no object ‘dissonant notes resolve conventionally by rising or falling to form part of a new chord’

with object ‘you would not want to resolve a melodic line on to the minor sixth interval’



Decide firmly on a course of action.

  1. with clause (of a legislative body or other formal meetings) make a decision by a formal vote.

with infinitive ‘the conference resolved to support an alliance’



Separate or cause to be separated into constituent parts or components.

with object ‘alpha-zein is often resolved into two major size components’

  1. resolve something into with object reduce a subject, statement, etc. by mental analysis into (separate elements or a more elementary form)
  2. Physics  with object analyse (a force or velocity) into components acting in particular directions.



 no object (of something seen at a distance) turn into a different form when seen more clearly.

  1. with object (of optical or photographic equipment) separate or distinguish between (closely adjacent objects)
  2. with object separately distinguish (peaks in a graph or spectrum).



  • mass noun firm determination to do something.
  • US A formal resolution by a legislative body or public meeting.




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