Expect $1.4 Trillion


Congratulations on being a part of a very exclusive group. You are part of a niche in society that controls $1.4 trillion dollars, YES YOU!



Studying great business leaders, you will discover a similar trait of “Expectancy” in their mindsets. Great men and women set their “Expectations” and achieve great success. “Expectation” is a key entrepreneurial trait.

Brilliance, what are you expecting? Are you expecting hope? Are you expecting debt? Are you expecting your business to fail? Are you expecting success? What are you expecting?

“Expectations” Exercise: office-581127_1920

Take a piece of paper and a PEN! Ask yourself “What I’m I EXPECTING?” Write down the first three things that come to your mind. If you hear something undesirable, let the thought know “Thank you, you have served your purpose, I no longer need you.”

Once, you have written your three things. Write under the list “I EXPECT YOU.” Place the piece of paper in your diary, journal, portfolio, or wherever you keep your private notes.

Next, go to your phone’s calendar, create an alert for February 13, 2016. February 13, 2016, will be the date you revisit what you are “EXPECTING.”

3 Things To Do While You Are “Expecting”

1. Believe– NEVER stop believing in you and your dreams.

2. Read-Research and read on what you are “Expecting.” For example, you want to open a tea shop. Research tea and, the health benefits of drinking tea. Reading is a power distraction from the inner critics.

3. Assist-One of the most powerful ways to receive what you “Expect” is to assist others with their work. For example, you expect to start your business in 2016. Seek opportunities to volunteer with organizations such as SCORE as a means to use your talents and glean valuable business insights.

YOU are not alone! The Couture Purpose community supports you and your dreams. No matter where you may be in your goals and visions. REMEMBER, You are evolving into the best and highest YOU.





How may we promote your greatness? Please keep us abreast on what you and your organizations are doing. And how the Couture Purpose community may assist you with furthering your dreams.

Looking for Business and Purpose Consultants? Contact us today and, let’s collaborate on your business ideas and visions.

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