Hey Brilliance-

The seasons are changing and so are WE!!!

With the culmination of Fashion Week 2013, (did you know Emerald is Pantone’s color of the year for 2013? FAB!!!!) we at Couture Purpose were reminded of the need to wear the garments designed for us. As more and more people watch reality t.v. we are witnessing individuals deciding who THEY are, is not good enough and wanting to be someone else.
New Nice Threads

Couture Purpose was conceived with the concept—we are EACH given a design to wear (purpose and destiny) and to wear a look alike (imitate others) is a fashion faux pas! THIS DAY we come to REMIND YOU the Great Designer designed a garment for YOU and it’s time to cut the THREADS (doubt, disbelief, unproductive relations). As we stare in awe of ladies sashaying down the runway WERRRKKKKKK…you NEVER see a thread hanging. WHY? Glad you ask, there are NO THREADS HANGING, because the DESIGNERS’ team, took time to make sure a MASTERPIECE is presented to the viewing audience. You BRILLIANCE are a MASTERPIECE, and any hanging THREADS will DEVALUE YOU!


Brilliance we encourage YOU to look at life as a runway and from your very first step, YOU have the ability to command applause and INSPIRE OTHERS to GREATNESS!


Take Action:


Go to a museum or art event and take note of how each design is created and displayed.


Soul Question:


What happens to the world, if I never display my designs (purpose, destiny, new business models etc.)?




I am a masterpiece, designed to illuminate BRILLIANCE!

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