Creation In Motion…

Hello Brilliance,

Did you know you have been granted the ability to create?


In the spirit of fashion week, I thought it would be great to talk about the gift of “Creation.”

With the advent of technology, we have been afforded the ability, to create like never before in history and better than just designing our concepts, we can instantly show the world our creations.

But, just like when the models strut down the runways with a chosen designer’s collections adorning them. The designer realizes, there are critics in the audience ready to critic years of work in one hour. Brilliance we all have critics.  The key to dealing with critics is to understand they are only sitting in the audience of your life—to make you smarter, stronger and simply better. I encourage you not to take the critic’s voice into your inner self. Leave critics in the audience in awe of your masterpieces(purposes, destines…).


Brilliance, let’s set ourselves in motion to create something the world needs and has never witness manifest.

Designed Statement: I am creation in motion…

Photo Credits: Morgue Files & SXC

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