Call Your Sisters Forth

Good Day Brilliance,

I hope your space is filled with love, faith, hope, acceptance and purpose.

This past weekend I had the honor of reconnecting to my “Genesis.” I define “Genesis” as my beginning, divine connections and the origin of my authentic space. While I was around some powerful women, it was revealed to me how important it is to be connected with women who want and can call you forth. If you surround yourself with women who are vested in you staying confused and stagnated you will more than likely never find your authentic self. One key element to developing your “Genesis” is truth. Those connected in your “Genesis” sphere have to embrace truth and strive to keep truth as one of the core principles.

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Due to the fact, I have the honor of working with many women’s groups; I get a chance to observe the interactions of women. And between you and I Brilliance, something has shifted among women. I sense we have connected to the pseudo truth, perpetuated by energy, fearful of the power of united women. Even though this shift took place, I also sense the collective consciousness of women is being healed and more lionesses will rise and protect that which we call “Womanhood.”

If you currently find yourself desiring true sisterhood, do not fret the universe has heard your request and you shall be united with women who embrace truth and will defend love.

 Designed Statement:

My “Womanhood” is a gift…

photo credit: classic_film via photopin cc


  • Monica Moody

    Solid and sound advice, Antoinette! We should always gravitate towards women who are exhibiting the qualities that we wish to illuminate ourselves. And miraculously, once we decide that we’re ready to be elevated, the right people will show up. I also agree that our collective consciousness is shifting. My concern is making sure that women of color are at the threshold of the shift and not on the periphery. Thankfully, I know that pioneers like you are leading the way!

    • Couture Purpose

      Monica, your observation of women of color change agents is appreciated and valued. I sense, there will be a shift for women of color, to longer “Talk”, but listen to that which the collective soul is releasing.

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