Couture Purpose has followed the Pantone color trends for years and we find it quite interesting the official Pantone 2012 Color of The Year is Tangerine Tango

Orange is synonymous with what so many desire in 2012. Many of us desire the freedom of love, creativity and movement.

One may question what’s the significance of color? According to the authors of Color Design Workbook. The color orange represents creativity, invigoration, uniqueness, energy, vibrancy, stimulation, sociality, health, whimsy and activity.  To the contrary those of us who are concentrating on not being viewed as too crass, trendy or loud may want to reconsider the usage of orange in your life.

Read the official press release:

Defined Statement: I learn from the blossoming roses. They do not seek permission to grow or ponder who shall water them. Roses understand the Master Gardener shall supply all their needs.

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