Hey Brilliance-

How are you directing life? Have you manifested your dreams?

It’s been a while, but you already know, Couture Purpose releases posts when we sense the need to affirm and confirm to you—YOUR Brilliance is needed to advance the common good.

The current climate around the globe may seem tumultuous. Many of us discern the shakings in the atmospheres we occupy, and life is requesting we lead in love or fear. Our questions to you are “Whose report will you believe?” “Whose voice are you listening?” “Does the “Voice” you hear reflect love, hope, peace and wealth?”

We want to energize you to—take the time and develop and master YOUR “Voice.” As women, often times we are told to keep “Silent.” But if WE keep SILENT, change will not manifest.

Brilliance we encourage you to, take the next 30 days and develop, strengthen, and amply YOUR “Voice.”

Take Action: 

Find a cause near and dear to your heart and become a voice for that cause. Couture Purpose is amplifying our voices to bring awareness and light to female economic and reproductive dignity.

Soul Question:

What happens to my voice if I do not speak?


Designed Statement: My “Voice” amplifies greatness


For inspiration, enjoy Malala Yousafzai address to the United Nations Youth Assembly…

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