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    She Has My Husband!!!

    Brilliance, We hope you are in a space of love, healing, and growth. If you are like we are at Couture Purpose you are more than likely preparing to attend gobs of bridal showers, weddings, and anniversary celebrations…shoe shopping time! It is JUNE, and this is officially WEDDING SEASON. After engaging in a series of conversations and events dedicated to marriage, we decided to align our June posts with all things marriage. Please enjoy the updated version of Why is She Married and Not ME with new insights. Brilliance more than likely your mailbox is beginning to overflow with wedding invites. As one of the Couture Purpose’s Dreamers stated. “Here…

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    Chosen to “BE YOU”-by-Guest Blogger-in-Residence-Kimberly Harden

    “Ain’t no wrong or no right, just a blessing of the lesson Clear your path, sing your song, nice and strong and amplifying Be new, put your past behind you and be you, authentically you So be new, put your past behind you and be you, authentically you.” (Kindred the Family Soul)   In the realm of personal development, the word “authenticity” is used often. However, the term is a superficial adjective that generally refers to being original without necessarily involving any genuineness of being. Authenticity involves more than being one of a kind; it implies being truthful and realistic when answering the question: WHO ARE YOU?   Authenticity is…

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    The Battle between Rejection and Prosperity-Guest Blogger-in-Residence-Lana Hooks

      The title declares there is a combat; an attack, one entity against the other. I call Rejection, Prosperity and two more you’ll meet entities. This is why they are italicized. By their definition these are energies that once believed fulfills its intent, motive and desire of the living vessel. Prosperity by definition is, “a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects.”1 Whereas Rejection states, “this is an active refusal to respond to a child’s/ (adult’s) [my input] needs (e.g., refusing to touch a child, denying the needs of a child, ridiculing a child).”2 Prosperity includes excellent of health (mind, body, emotions), successful business (self-employed, or care and…

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    Success is A Personal Pronoun by February 2015 Blogger-in-Residence-Monica Leak

      Think back to first-grade language arts when you were formally introduced to the parts of speech. There were nouns, verbs, direct objects, adjectives and prepositions and these things called pronouns. Pronouns indicate the person speaking or the person spoken about. Remember the chart with the singular and plural sides and starting on the singular side you had I, You, He, She, It and then on the Plural side we, you, they. These personal pronouns can take the place of nouns or other pronouns. Flashback to Saturday mornings and Schoolhouse rock and maybe the link below will jog your memory. So what’s that got to do with success? For many…

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    Pain and Prosperity: The Struggle Is Real by February 2015 Blogger-in-Residence-Monica Leak

    Check minute 3:20 when Biggie describes the real struggle of pain and prosperity. There’s this idea of jealousy and envy and having to look over your shoulder when you come into a prosperous place. That is some burden to bear if something that is supposed to contribute to a better life become a source of pain.   The title of the song itself puts it pretty bluntly, Mo Money Mo Problems. The hook in the song says, “I don’t know what, they want from me. It’s like the more money we come across. The more problems we see.” The layered lyrics of this now classic hip hop song from back in…

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    Finding Purpose Past the Pain by February 2015 Blogger-in-Residence-Monica Leak

    In 2002 Pastor, Rick Warren released a book entitled The Purpose Driven Life. The book became an instant bestseller that according to Publisher’s Weekly was the bestselling nonfiction work in history on the basis of its answer to this fundamental question, what on earth am I here for? The book took on a life of its own as people across the world gathered in churches and small groups to take this journey with the result being that of discovering of purpose. The question of purpose raises its head in so many different ways. Students may question the purpose for a specific course that seemingly has no relevance or employees may…

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    “Losing Myself to Find Me”-February 2015 Blogger-in-Residence-Monica Leak

    Hear My Call Lyrics (Verse 2) “I am such a fool How did I get here? Played by all the rules Then they changed I am but a child to your vision Standing in the cold and the rain Lost here in the dark I can’t see my foot to take a step, What is happening? Oh, this hurts so bad. I can hardly breathe. I just want to leave so.” -Jill Scott Being lost is not necessarily desirable. When you set out towards a destination being lost is not in the plan. You took all the right precautions. You prepared yourself the night before and ran through the checklist.…

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    Happy re-STORED You Brilliance- Instead of bombarding you with do this in 2015, do that in 2015 blah blah blah. Couture Purpose encourages you to consider these 15 AFFIRMations for a re-STORED YOU.   2015 Affirmations   I am God’s answer to universal questions. I am hope for my generation. I am always loved, supported and valued. I am a continuous learner, creative thinker and agent of change. I am the epitome of beauty. I am vision proceeding movement. I accept… Debts leave me now. All my emotions are free. I constantly express myself. I constantly experience quantum leaps. The universe guards and enables my destiny and purpose. I clearly…

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    Re: Question?

    Good Day Brilliance- Question [to ponder]: Is the REAL YOU emerging? Designed Statement: The UNIVERSE expects me to operate at the highest vibration of MYSELF.           photo credit: photodropper